We provide you with COMPLETE SOLUTIONS
Our advantage is that our brand portfolio provides our customers with a variety of desirable brands, protecting manufacturers visibility for direct distribution to off price markets. This also allows for additional leverage for liquidating inventory...


Solutions through CORPORATE TRADE
Garrity Enterprises has an operating relationship with one of the most successful media trade companies in the USA. If media trade is of interest, we will coordinate and facilitate the trade values with our partner because we will become the purchaser of the products in trade...


Benefit with our partners in DISTRIBUTION
Our company has become an important partner with the largest alternate market accounts including off price stores and internet sites. This platform of selling product is evolving each week. Garrity Enterprises is uniquely positioned to maximize your sales resullts..


Expand through our new GLOBAL REACH
In 2012 Garrity Enterprises partnered operations with global group, Seven Pebbles Incorporated. With offices in Europe and Japan, the alliance provides us with 30 years of experience in global trading, access to international supply channels and retail outlets outside the US territory in the Middle East, Asia, and India...