We provide you with COMPLETE SOLUTIONS.

We customize programs that convert underperforming inventory into operating solutions for our clients via barter cash, retail trade or any combination. Every purchase offer takes into consideration distribution limitations, brand equity and maximum client return.

Garrity Enterprises has the ability to purchase complete inventories. Our alternate market retail relationships coupled with demand for other brand inventories that we control enable us to leverage the sales to those markets.

This provides our clients with reduced visibility outlets when strategic product distribution is necessary. An example is a customer base that resells product as pre-owned, via private collectors or the premium gift industry.

Alternate market channels are some of the largest and most profitable
in the world.

Garrity Enterprises will purchase entire inventories and manage alternate market channels for brand owners and manufacturers through customized programs catering to individual needs and particular goals. Our clients are presented with TOTAL solutions without additional effort on their part. Further, this allows our clients to concentrate on their primary profitable distribution.

Garrity Enterprises/Seven Pebbles is an active vendor with the largest alternative brand name retailers in America and globally. Our advantage is that our brand portfolio provides our customers with a variety of desirable brands, protecting manufacturers visibility for direct distribution to off price markets. This also allows for additional leverage for liquidating inventory.