We provide manufacturers and distributors of name brand and luxury products with total and responsible inventory solutions.

Established in 2008, Garrity Enterprises began operations in designing, developing and sourcing watches and jewelry for major brands throughout North America. As a result, we know the importance of brand equity and the need to preserve that equity through advertising and distribution.

Growing, vibrant companies will always be faced with inventory challenges such as returns, cancelled orders, past years models, etc. In 2010, Garrity Enterprises began a new division that provides its clients with domestic and global solutions to these inventory challenges. Our resources enable us to customize inventory solutions that create long term relationships with our suppliers.

Garrity Enterprises has the ability to target distribution to alternative markets. That level of control enables us to manage pricing and eliminate or minimize brand erosion. Under the Garrity Enterprises Model our clients will be able to increase top line revenue and profits by eventually manufacturing merchandise specifically for Garrity Enterprises clients' designated as approved channels of distribution.